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Why It Matters : The right to bear arms

Why It Matters – the right to bear arms


Why It Matters - the right to bear arms

Why It Matters : The right to bear arms. There’s a lot of buzz going around right now about the 2nd Amendment. What it means, why it was written and what’s in store for its future are all top stories right now along with a plethora of other feel good issues. This fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling, riots in other countries, government scandals, fast and furious, Benghazi, clown cars and other distracting noises of everyday life. Some folks are starting to think these distractions are orchestrated in a multi -pronged political attack on the American public. The chief aim being to coerce the masses into freely giving up their right to bear arms. These folks reference information that come from sources with varying degrees of legitimacy. Some sources aren’t worth the server space devoted to them while others, that are reputable, are often misread having blanks filled in with emotional conjecture.  Then there’s the ‘bring on the revolution’ sector followed by the “bring it on moron” guild of monkeys. (Say “bring it on moron” out loud, it’s kind of fun) Many of these folks play too much Modern Warfare, sling cans of warm Pabst beer at fast cars turning left, or simply watch too many Bruce Willis movies. Folks, I honestly don’t believe you’re ready to go toe to toe with Uncle Sam quite yet. So, faced with BS stories and your Walking Dead wet dream, what are you really prepared to do? If you’re not willing to do the things I’ll outline below, your allusions of grandeur on a battlefield are already a flickering candle in a stiff fucking wind which is why I suggest following the smart tactic. Work the system.

Working the System

This is YOUR system so make use of it. Senators and Congressmen are YOUR elected officials. Folks squawk all the time about how these elected officials are nothing more than puppets. Well, they’re right in a sense. Remember this, these Senators and Congressfolks, are YOUR puppets. Citizens in this country have had it SO good for SO long that it has made the masses lazy. As a result, all too many folks have forgotten that it’s their responsibility to work the strings. With that we will outline the most effective and powerful way to maneuver these puppets. It all revolves around finding the relevant lobby groups in your area. Like porn on the internet,  there’s a lobby for your particular firearm fetish too. For instance…Fan of hunting rifles? Hit up the NRA.  Love your defensive weapons? Hit up your States Citizens Defense League!


Best Way to fight for your Rights

Each state has a lobby group made up of individuals like yourself who act as the voice of the people and these Why It Matters - the right to bear armsgroups are growing by leaps and bounds right now. Each state has their own representatives favorable to their cause. Strength in numbers will always increase your voice and add volume to it. What turns up the volume the most is getting in front of your legislators. Eyeball to eyeball, knee to knee, toe to toe baby. These organizations know who the players are and they will train you to testify verbally in front of them. When the time comes, the group goes together as a force and multiples of people band together. Imagine what it’s like for a legislator to have hundreds if not thousands of pissed off citizens remind them, in person, of their sworn oath to uphold the constitution of the United States. Powerful!

The Connecticut chapter of the Citizens Defense League has been instrumental in getting the armed citizens of Connecticut’s voice heard within the halls of the legislative buildings. Currently, they’re pushing hard against all anti gun legislation including a proposal to publish the names and addresses of all 170,000 Connecticut pistol permit holders. An idea that has already put innocent lives in danger by a silly pair of journalists in New York. The result was not only the violation of law abiding citizens privacy, but what equates to a shopping list for burglars. Adding insult to injury, in the short sighted intention of these journalists, inmates at many of New York penal (stop laughing you forth grade fart sniffer) facilities used the publication to threaten the correctional officers employed there.

“If it was about hunting it would say trapping”


Additional Ways to Protect Yourself

The nice thing about tactics, is that there is never just one. When I’m preaching the fine art of weapon slinging to students, I always show a few ways to skin a cat. (Oh don’t get all pissy, I wait until the cat’s dead first…go call PETA, I’ll wait.) Anyway, along the lines of multiple tactics for the same goal, I’ll follow that model here.

  • Find a pen & start using your mightier than the sword powers. Make contact with these elected officials via snail mail. The written word is still the second most powerful weapon to protecting your liberties.
  • Find a Phone and call them. You’re whats called, their constituents. They want to hear from you. All politicians want to get re elected. They willWhy It Matters - the right to bear arms pander to the loudest and most obvious chance to achieve that goal.
  • Find a computer and email them or send a carrier pigeon.
  • Find the fortitude to repeat the process on every attack to your liberties…not just one.
  • Leave a comment below and click the subscribe button. The attack on the 2nd amendment is being waged on several fronts. We will be sending out weekly updates complete with resources and simple ways to get involved.

(Note: My friends and family who have already followed this advice are getting responses! Responses mean your letters are being read and tallied even if they are just a form letter. The longer your correspondence is the more time your elected official is paying attention to your opinion. Kind of sounds like common sense, doesn’t it? Those are several simple tactics to get your case heard. Cakewalk, right? Need another? Fine. I have an app for that.)


Birds of a Feather All…?

Why It Matters - the right to bear armsFind like minded folks and join together.  Legal gun owners are quiet by nature sharing an “I don’t want to be on a list” mentality.  I felt the same way for years using the same justification. Then I had an epiphany. The opposition has been tirelessly working to rape me of my earnings and you of your God given right to properly defend yourself.  They are recruiting by grossly politicizing tragic events that further their agendas. How do you find other like minded folks you ask? Easy! Reach out to your local firearm instructors. Their lively hood is in the balance so their rather plugged in by default  Start taking classes while your at it! Guess who else does…OTHER GUN OWNERS! 

Believe me from a SHTF perspective, the world is a much safer place when your friends are around. Safety in numbers has always been the best tactic because it works. It works very well be it on a battlefield or in a legislation session. Over the years I’ve developed a fair network of folks I know I can count on. (So should you.) Training partners and groups of like minded folks in every time zone and most states. Are they going to run to my aide if something horrific happens? Of course not. If something ‘horrific’ happens, they’ll have their own issues to deal within their realm. However,  will I have safe haven when I need it and a solid shooter at my back? Absolutely. (So should you.) Go make friends with other gun owners right now. Meet them, be deserving of their respect and defend them with appropriate tactics that suite the situation when the time comes.


Why It Matters - the right to bear arms

 Why It Matters – the right to bear arms

 Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe




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