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Defensive Training & Firearm Instruction. Welcome to the Muzzle Front Blog.  For the folks looking to learn how to shoot defensively, Muzzle Front is amongst the most respected in the industry. According to gun statistics floating around the internet more people are buying firearms right now than ever before in history. What does this mean?

There are millions of new gun owners out there who are dangerously under trained.

That’s why we do what we do. Although all about safety, Muzzle Front is known for it’s proprietary training methods that bring out the best in the new shooter right on up to the combat vet looking to keep their edges sharp. Primary focus is working with law enforcement and ex military but what Muzzle Front really enjoys is training civilians who want to learn to be more confident in the world around them. We work throughout Connecticut with our primary range being in the North West corner of the state. We love to travel and never pass up a chance to be a guest instructor on location.

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Defense is a right.
Proficiency is a responsibility.
Safety is a duty.







Defensive Training & Firearm Instruction